Transform your Microsoft Teams experience

Maximize your productivity and stay ahead of the curve with Frameable Spaces, the cutting-edge Microsoft Teams app that simplifies scheduling in Outlook, and promotes remote collaboration.

Boost productivity in Teams

Get a complete, real-time picture of everyone's availability and effortlessly engage in spur-of-the-moment conversations and collaborations with coworkers.


Multi-Screen Share

Teammates can share their screen at the same time, making collaboration and pairing on a project easy and fluid.

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Meetings and statuses sync from Microsoft Teams in real-time, allowing you to see a complete view of all office activity.

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Rely on persistent project rooms to meet and collaborate and easily find commonly referenced documents, files, and links.

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A quick glance at your teammates' status will let you see if your colleagues are in a meeting, on a call, focusing, or away.

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Engagement metrics provide easily digestible data for teammates and their managers to optimize processes.

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Optimize your remote work experience

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Mix and match features

Upgrade your virtual workspace with one, two, or all of our features, depending on what works for your team.

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Streamline communication

Microsoft Teams status and chat functionality flows throughout the Frameable experience, ensuring employees never miss a notification.

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Seamless sign in

Easily access your workspace within your existing Microsoft Teams software.

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Scale your Space

Effortlessly scale your workspace to fit the needs and size of your organization.

Not using Microsoft Teams?

Engage your remote or hybrid team within our browser-based Spaces application. Book a demo to learn more.

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Enhance productivity and visibility within your existing Teams environment.