Online spaces for modern remote work

Leave behind endless email chains, chat threads, and wall-to-wall calendar invites. Frameable Spaces empowers teams to self-organize and interact just as you would in the physical office.

See what your team can do in Frameable Spaces

  • Increase visibility

    Scan the floor to see who is working together, and what they're working on.

    Increase visibility
  • Collaborate together

    Create a permanent space where workers can carry out their daily tasks and engage in both scheduled and unscheduled collaboration.

    Collaborate together
  • Stay up to date

    Bring your organization together to provide business updates, project spotlights, or an open forum for Q&A.

    Stay up to date
  • Send out updates

    Address the entire organization or a specific floor with an announcement.

    Send out updates
  • Make it yours

    Create your own private office for heads down work and privacy.

    Make it yours
Increase visibility and availability

Increase visibility and availability

Gain insight into their team members’ availability and current tasks through a combination of personal and room statuses.

Great work isn't just about connectivity, it's about connecting

  • See what teammates are working on
  • Join the right conversations
  • Connect any time via video, screenshare, or chat
  • Build trust among your colleagues everyday
  • Ask for and receive help easily
  • Watch team productivity and satisfaction soar

We can scale up to accommodate your whole organization with floors to fit your unique needs.

We can scale up to accommodate your whole organization with floors to fit your unique needs.

What users are saying

  • "I feel a sense of togetherness, even when I'm working by myself."

  • "Seeing what everyone else is up to helps me feel connected."

  • "We deserve a better remote worklife than just hopping from call to call and typing in chat."

  • "Everyone is one click away - no need to schedule a meeting for a quick question."

  • "I can always get immediate feedback and help from a peer - like a shoulder tap!"

  • "As a leader, I love having visibility into who is working together, and on what."

  • "More casual collaboration, fewer scheduled meetings, better work!"

  • "As a stakeholder, I love connecting to the right conversations in real time, not in weekly status meetings."

  • "I now have fewer unnecessary meetings, am more productive, and feel more energized."

Synergies and tools from the office, available to all, from anywhere

Get on the same page

  • Multiple screenshares

    Everyone can share their screen at the same time, making collaboration and pairing on a project easy and fluid.

  • Slack integration

    Keep up to speed with what your team's up to in Frameable Spaces via our simple Slack integration.

  • Unlimited virtual floors and rooms

    Expand your virtual office to have as many virtual rooms as you need.

  • Ad-hoc conversations made easy

    Pop into a virtual room for a quick spontaneous chat. Invite others to join with just a click of a button.

  • Recordings

    Record your meetings to save or share at a later date

  • Calendar integration

    Synchronized schedules between Frameable Spaces and your Google Calendar

Connect with your colleagues

  • Collaborative games

    Play games together while you wait for meetings to start

  • Emoji reactions

    Use live emojis reactions for casual, non-verbal reactions

  • Robust chat

    Channels, threads, attachments, markdown, DMs, and all that you expect

  • Background music

    Get creative juices flowing with background music in project rooms

  • User profiles

    Learn about your colleagues and teammates with customizable profiles

  • Guest passes

    Give limited access to partners and clients

Bring your entire organization online

  • No downloads required

    Works in Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari, with mobile support

  • Single-Sign On (SSO) support

    Integrate with Google, Microsoft, or your own internal OAuth or SAML provider

  • Private and secure

    Communications and data are encrypted and only accessible by you

  • Customize everything

    Branding, colors, backgrounds, floor plans, etc are all fully customizable

  • Dedicated hosting

    For larger organizations, we support dedicated infrastructure

  • Organizational metrics

    Track engagement, project time, and measures of organizational wellbeing

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