Explore pertinent meetings and increase your team contributions

View selected Teams calls unfolding now and increase visibility across the entire organization or department.

View all office activity from a bird's-eye view

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See what's upcoming

View all public ongoing and upcoming meetings so you never miss a beat.

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Increase transparency

Allow team members to view public meetings and join or listen in on conversations that may be relevant to them.

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Private meetings stay private

Private meetings never appear on the dashboard, in the upcoming meetings list, or on the Meetings tab.

How can increased meetings visibility work for you?

See how our meetings dashboard can improve transparency and accessibility for your team.

How does the Spaces Meetings tab improve Teams?

Microsoft Teams Teams + Frameable Spaces

All or nothing calendar sharing

If you want to share your calendar with your team, you are limited to either sharing all of your calendar details or none.

Give your team the perfect amount of insight

Gather a broad sense of what everyone is working on with an overview of ongoing and upcoming meetings your teammates have chosen to share publicly.

It is awkward to have to step away

Users may chat "Be right back", and "I'm back" in chat, but anyone joining anew must read chat to figure out everyone's status.

Set an in-call status

When we set our in-call status to "Be Right Back", everyone gets a subtle audio notification, and users both in and outside the call can see a visual indicator as well.

Minimal transparency

Teams and Outlook calendars do not provide a way to discover relevant meetings you could contribute to.

Set an in-call status

View selected Teams calls unfolding and increase visibility across the entire organization or department.

View current and upcoming meetings in one place

Skip toggling back and forth between calendars and see all relevant details about public meetings from a dashboard view.

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