Quickly gauge everyone's availability in the People tab

With the People tab, you'll unlock an aggregate view of everyone's availability based on their calendar or updated Teams status

A way to meet together naturally, outside of meetings


Aggregate availability

View the status of your entire team or select specific individuals with whom you collaborate.


Spontaneous collaboration

See who is available and "tap" teammates to collaborate in real-time.


Maximize productivity

Prioritize your work tasks and avoid interrupting your colleagues during their scheduled time off or personal commitments.

How can our people directory work for you?

Easily connect with your colleagues at the right time.

How does the Spaces People tab improve Teams?

Microsoft Teams Teams + Frameable Spaces

Stuck searching for teammates' availability one by one

Seeing if your teammates are online or available requires digging through their calendars or checking their Teams status individually.

A simple view of everyone

Avoid interrupting those who are busy with a quick view of everyone, or filter your view by your team or who you work with most often.

No aggregate real-time view of people

Teams does not offer a way to view the real-time statuses of several people at once.

Easy-to-understand availability

Get a glimpse of coworkers' availability with an aggregate view of everyone's availability based on their calendar and status.

Everyone's availability at a glance

All the availability information you need, all in one place.

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