Channel updates are now easily accessible with Rooms

Quickly understand what is happening across your various channels by scanning your personalized Rooms dashboard, making it easy to join in or follow up at the right time.

Get more out of Channels in Microsoft Teams

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Increase team efficiency

Rooms create a space for coworkers to join when they are working on corresponding tasks or items -- whether alone or with others

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Organize project files

Keep everything you need in one place with the Rooms tab so you never have to dig through hundreds of messages or emails.

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Enjoy fewer meetings!

Project rooms give teammates the opportunity to jump in and help or ask relevant questions without having to schedule another meeting.

  • Gain a high-level, visual understanding of everything happening in Channels

    Adding Rooms unlocks a new view of every channel you're a part of by increasing team visibility. Quickly understand if your team is meeting and what they're working on.

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  • Benefit from joining teammates for spontaneous collaboration

    A dashboard view allows you to join the right conversations at the right time.

  • Increase organization of project files in one central location

    Centralize project documents, files and links in project rooms for effortless pre and post meeting access.

How can project rooms work for you?

See how project rooms can transform the way your team works together.

How do Spaces project rooms improve Teams?

Microsoft Teams Teams + Frameable Spaces

Resources are scattered

Relevant links for a given project room are scattered around between sharepoint, emails, chats, and guests often lose access once a meeting ends.

Pick up right where you left off

Never lose track of what your team is working on. Links and files from the room chat are automatically attached to the room and users can even directly pin other resources.

Working session logistics are clunky

Someone needs to take the initiative to set up a calendar event and invite the right people and distribute the meeting link.

Start getting more done

Anyone can pop into a project room at any time, and the team can see who's joined. Users can even set a custom room status to indicate what exactly they're working on.

No learning-by-osmosis from colleagues

Someone needs to take the initiative to set up a calendar event and make sure they invite the right people.

Easily encourage mentorship and co-working

Having project rooms and statuses visible to all encourages interested parties to join relevant conversations just like they would in the office.

No high-level overview

Channel calls are hard to find and scan quickly.

Quickly gather understanding

Scan a personalized dashboard of ongoing channel calls in our Rooms tab to meet and collaborate live and store commonly referenced documents, files, or links.

Centralized rooms for project needs

Leave behind endless email chains, chat threads, and wall-to-wall calendar invites. Rooms empowers teams to self-organize and interact in a persistent space.

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