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Virtual Holiday Events for Motorola

Motorola Solutions is a leader in public safety and enterprise security that provides global services and produces video and telecommunications equipment, software, and systems.

Event goals

  • Host virtual holiday parties for a team of global employees located in the U.S., U.K., and Australia

  • Allow coworkers to interact with and get to know team members from different countries

  • Engage attendees in a team trivia competition

Frameable Events experience

  • Designed an event using Frameable Events' Hybrid Layout, allowing guests to chat freely at their table without interrupting the main Stage speaker

  • Hosted a 90-minute team trivia competition prompting employees to create teams with representatives from each country

  • Enabled Frameable Events User Profiles, allowing attendees to display their name, favorite holiday food, and location to encourage conversation

  • Played a curated holiday music playlist in the lobby and background of the event

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