Upgrade virtual collaboration in Microsoft Teams

Bring back spontaneous collaboration and improve in-call experience with multiscreen share, status updates, and a view of current office activity.

Powerful tools to increase team collaboration

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Multiscreen Share

Teammates can share their screens at the same time, making collaboration and pairing on a project easy and fluid.

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Side by side team availability to eliminate searching through calendars.

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Persistent spaces for collaborating live and storing commonly referenced documents, files, and links.

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A high-level view of all current and upcoming meetings for the entire team.

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Access digestible metrics to better understand time spent on meetings and working sessions.

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An overview of current and upcoming meetings, real-time collaboration in rooms, and easy access to frequent collaborators.

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Level-up your Microsoft Teams experience

With Spaces, see what your team is working on right now, jump into project rooms for spontaneous collaboration, and use new analytics to maximize your team's productivity all within Microsoft Teams and Outlook.

What people are saying about us

"Spaces delivers the many advantages of casual interactions and serendipitous innovation—what happens naturally when we're physically together—to remote and hybrid work."
John Janek

John Janek

Chief Technologist, Dev Technology Group

"A platform that recreates an entire office space on a computer screen, with meeting rooms, work areas and cafes where employees can see each other interact."

Wall Street Journal

Startups, Investors Bet on Remote Work Future

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