Innovate faster in Microsoft Teams

Enhance teamwork with features like multiple screenshare, persistent project rooms, and a bird's-eye view of all office activity.

Increase efficiency in Teams with Frameable Spaces

  • Share multiple screens

    Teammates can share their screen at the same time, making collaboration and pairing on a project easy and fluid.

  • Complete team visibility

    People shows all of your teammates' statuses in one place. Filter by team, project, department, or who you work with most often.

  • Create virtual project rooms

    Rooms provides a visual overview of activity across your Channels while storing commonly referenced files, documents, and links.

  • Maximize data potential

    New usage and engagement metrics provide easily digestible data for teammates and leaders that go beyond Viva Insights.

  • Increase meeting collaboration

    Ongoing and upcoming public meetings sync from Microsoft Teams in real-time, allowing you to see a complete view of current office activity.

Meet MultiShare

Multiple users can now share their screens simultaneously. Add MultiShare to Microsoft Teams and start seamlessly collaborating across multiple shared screens.

See a full demo of Frameable Spaces

Watch our 8 minute, guided demo of Frameable Spaces for an in-depth look at each enhancement.

  • everyone's availability
  • multiple screenshare
  • real-time call status
  • digestible metrics