Host engaging virtual and hybrid holiday parties ❄️ 🌲 ☃️️

With freedom of movement and natural interactions, guests will forget they're online and just enjoy the party.

Host engaging virtual and hybrid holiday parties ❄️ 🌲 ☃️️
Bring your team together, no matter where they are

Bring your team together, no matter where they are

Ensure your company's remote or hybrid team have a chance to connect this holiday season with a party they'll talk about (in a good way!) into the new year.

“Our virtual holiday event was a great success, with many staying for the full four hours! The team at Frameable Events were an absolute pleasure to work with and supported us from start to finish.”

Carey Arnett, President, Arnett & Burgess Pipeliners

“Everyone had a great time! People loved the music, games, and moving between tables to talk to different small groups. Everyone was impressed, and many stayed until the very end.”

Victoria Kikoen, Project Manager,

Fully customizable layouts for every virtual holiday party


Help your teams make real connections with small-group topical conversations in custom lounges for hands-off holiday fun.


Present a slideshow highlighting your organization's success in 2022 or give out year-end awards with our Stage layout!


Turn up the heat with team trivia! Use our Hybrid layout to play games, allowing attendees to engage in conversations at a table while viewing stage presentations.


Motorola hosted a virtual holiday for a team of global employees. By using a combination of layouts, Motorola was able to engage attendees and provide an interactive expereince.
Learn more used Frameable Events to host a successful virtual holiday party, with the majority of guests staying for the full event. Management was thrilled with Frameable Events' features and layout options.
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A&B Pipeliners
Arnett & Burgess Pipeliners (A&B) used Frameable Events to host a holiday party that their teams loved. Many staff stayed for the full four hours of the scheduled event.
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