A new virtual Whiteboard for Microsoft Teams

Collaborate on a digital whiteboard during and after Teams calls for instant, editable access to your ideas anytime.

  • Intuitive design

    Focus on effective note-taking with features like semantic zoom, nested cards, and connection arrows

    graphic showing two different visual templates that are available in whiteboard
  • Instant in-meeting board creation

    Find a whiteboard or start fresh without ever leaving the call to collaborate seamlessly

    Image showing nested idea cards and priority tags
  • Flexible access anywhere

    Access your whiteboards inside and outside of Teams calls through your Whiteboard account any time

    Two whiteboards showing a business model template and task board

Top ways to use Whiteboard

person icon

Team brainstorm

Hit the ground running with your next project and get everyone's ideas on paper.

note icon

Product feedback and roadmap

Sort and organize discussions and leave your next working session with clearer next steps.

multiple screen icon

Customer journey mapping

Walk through your customer journey and tell a complete story from start to finish.

Turn your concepts and ideas into reality

Big ideas require more than just a drawing tool. Frameable Whiteboard is intuitively designed with nesting cards, idea regions, connections, and color-coding to get your ideas across however you imagine them.

A Microsoft Teams call where three users are collaborating on a virtual whiteboard directly in the call