Case study: E-commerce

Virtual Holiday Party for provides Internet-based mailing and shipping services, allowing customers to print stamps and shipping labels online.

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Event goals

  • Host a virtual holiday party and allow employees to come and go as they please

  • Engage guests with interactive games and a virtual raffle every half hour

  • Ensure employees are able to easily access the event space

Frameable Events experience

  • Designed an event with a Lounge including 15 tables with 5 seats at each table

  • Gave attendees the ability to edit table topics allowing free-flowing conversation

  • Used Frameable Events' host announcements to announce raffle winners, event chat, word games, and holiday background music to engage guests

  • Enabled multiple login options allowing guests to sign into the event via Microsoft or Linkedin

Victoria Kikoen

Project Manager,

Victoria Kikoen

Everyone had a great time! People loved the music, games, and moving between tables to talk to different small groups. Everyone was impressed, and many stayed until the very end. Three days later and they are still talking about how much fun they had! Much better than Zoom breakout rooms or events. Management was thrilled with the whole package offered by [Frameable Events] – background music, ease of changing table topics and moving around to meet individuals in small groups, and announce virtual raffles every half hour.

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