Get more done together, no matter where you are, in Microsoft Teams

Work more naturally with key colleagues, see where they are, who they're with, and what they're working on.

Get more done together, no matter where you are, in Microsoft Teams
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Nurture your culture of visibility

Reduce stress for those working a hybrid or remote schedule without losing the connectivity and culture benefits of the office.

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Choose how you want to work

Alleviate calendar explosion by making it easier for remote teams to host or join ad-hoc conversations.

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Empower your team

Increase cross-functional collaboration and encourage diverse thinking with less technical friction.

See what's happening with your key colleagues


Your dashboard shows what's happening now

Your dashboard shows what's happening now

See your own meetings as well as your key colleagues'

Choose your visibility

Choose what you see on your own dashboard

Select groups and colleagues that are important to you.

You're in control

You're in control

You decide who can see your meetings, and when.

Colleague whereabouts

Colleague whereabouts

See where your collaborators are -- virtually, and physically!

Empower your whole organization


For leaders

  • Foster a problem-solving culture
    Encourage your team to assemble as necessary to tackle whatever needs tackling.

  • Help at the right time
    Break down silos and enable distributed teammates to see, help, and engage with each other's work seamlessly.

  • Build a sense of trust
    Visibility leads to accountability, and accountability leads to trust. It all goes hand-in-hand!

For teammates

  • Contribute at the right time
    See where your key colleagues are so you can potentially join and contribute.

  • Make yourself available
    Ensure your key colleagues can connect with you at the right time and see what you're working on, so they can help.

  • Work together naturally
    Align your efforts and tasks with what your key colleagues are working on so that you can help each other fluidly.

It's easier to get help

It's always awesome when I'm working on something, and a teammate spontaneously joins the call and then offers a new pershat actually helps me do better work.

  • Nate, Full-Stack Developer

I can check in to see how it's going

I really enjoy reconnecting with colleagues more often even though I don't have scheduled meetings with them.

  • Arun, Remote Project Manager

Happier hybrid teams

Being penalized for their work-from-home days was the number one concern of our employees in 2023. Now it's not.

  • Candace, Chief People Officer