Level-up your online brainstorming sessions

Get all the best ideas onto a collaborative real-time canvas so you can make the best decisions. Use sticky notes, idea regions, emoji voting, and more.

Next level virtual whiteboard

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Align your team on the right goals and problems to solve

Start by identifying and aligning on the ideal end state and leading indicators of progress. Hearing different perspectives helps set the stage.

Use nested cards for relationships

Facilitate inclusivity and consider all the ideas and perspectives

Everyone can participate from wherever they are, and everyone can see ideas coming to life in real time on the collabortive canvas.

Zoom in and out for better understanding

High-throughput communication for moving quickly

Use emoji reactions, comments, and idea regions to quickly make sense of all the good ideas so you can make the best decisions together.

Show sentiment with emojis

Good for brainstorming sessions

"During online Teams meetings, we use this feature to let everybody collaborate and add ideas and then come up with next steps to implement those."

  • Anita, Review on G2

Feels like a whiteboard but it's digital!

"Whiteboard offers an organized and straightforward layout that quickly enables our users to get straight to business in just a few clicks. There is no learning curve!"

  • Austin, Review on G2

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