Business Model Canvas Template

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business model canvas template in frameable whiteboard

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About this template

What is the Business Model Canvas?

Based on the Business Model Canvas, our template includes the 9 essential blocks for you to articulate your business vision and goals.

The purpose of this template is to help visualize the key product, actions, activities, or resources related to the business, key players and relationships, and the ultimate value proposition to your customers.

On the right side of the canvas, you will focus on the external factors relating to your business – mostly, your customers! On the left-hand side, the focus is centered around internal factors–your company! The canvas is a helpful approach to make sure your organization is evolving and adapting to both your customers and the market at large.

Creating your own business model canvas in Whiteboard

Getting Started

Launch the Business Model Canvas template on your Frameable board. Use customizable cards to fill in key elements of your business model.

Key Elements

  1. Key Partners: List essential business partnerships and resources.
  2. Key Activities: Outline core activities that drive your business.
  3. Key Resources: Identify vital resources for operations.
  4. Value Propositions: Highlight what sets your business apart.
  5. Customer Relationships: Define how you engage with customers.
  6. Channels: Detail how you deliver your value proposition.
  7. Customer Segments: Identify target customer groups.
  8. Cost Structure: List major costs and their relationships.
  9. Revenue Streams: Describe how you generate income.

Collaborative Development

Invite your team to contribute to ensure everyone is aligned on the business strategy.

Review and Iterate

Regularly update the canvas to reflect changes in your business environment.
Enhance your strategic planning with Frameable Whiteboard’s Business Model Canvas template for a comprehensive and collaborative approach to business development.


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