Technical complexity meets shared understanding

Map out technical architecture, database schemas, software dependencies, and strategic approaches together in real time.

Technical complexity meets shared understanding

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Beautiful, clear technical architecture diagrams

Communicate complex relationships between system components so your team can make the right architectural decisions starting from a clear, shared understanding.

Beautiful, clear technical architecture diagrams

Living database schema diagrams

Whether planning for future changes or explaining an existing schema to a new colleague, it's easier with a beautiful collaborative diagram at your fingertips.

Living database schema diagrams

Better data flow diagrams lead to better security

With a shared understanding of how data moves between systems, your team can make smarter architectural decisions.

Zoom in and out for better understanding

Good for brainstorming sessions

"During online Teams meetings, we use this feature to let everybody collaborate and add ideas and then come up with next steps to implement those."

  • Anita, Review on G2

Feels like a whiteboard but it's digital!

"Whiteboard offers an organized and straightforward layout that quickly enables our users to get straight to business in just a few clicks. There is no learning curve!"

  • Austin, Review on G2

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