Eisenhower Decision Matrix Template

Tackle personal or team productivity with the time-tested approach of task prioritization based on urgency and importance.

eisenhower decision matrix template

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About this template

What is the Eisenhower Decision Matrix?

Take your to-do list from chaos to organized quickly and easily with the Eisenhower Matrix. This template is designed to help you organize, prioritize, delegate, and even delete tasks from your plate.

Creating your own Eisenhower Decision Matrix template in Whiteboard

First Quadrant - Urgent and important

The upper left quadrant, urgent and important, will become filled with tasks of the utmost priority that you should tackle first.

Second Quadrant - Important, not urgent

The upper right quadrant, important, not urgent, is where you should place tasks that need to be completed following those in the first quadrant. For this delegation the best course of action is often to schedule time to complete the tasks in the near feature.

Third Quadrant - Not important, but urgent

The lower left quadrant, not important, but urgent, is where you will find time sensitive but less important tasks. If possible, you will want to find someone to delegate these tasks to. Tasks in this region still need to be completed.

Fourth Quandrant - Neither important or urgent

The lower right quandrant is for tasks that are neither urgent or important. If possible, you can remove them from you to-do list entirely, or simply consider them if time becomes available after all other tasks have been completed. Tasks that fall here are often comprised of busywork or waste time without creating value.


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