Whiteboard User Guide

Whiteboard Installation Process

Welcome to Whiteboard.

Following your Frameable Whiteboard purchase, please complete the installation process with the following steps.

  1. From your Teams application, visit the Apps tab and search for “Whiteboard by Frameable”
    App store in teams

  2. Select Add to open the set-up modal.
    whiteboard listing in teams

  3. Next, simply add Whiteboard to your account.
    Whiteboard set up modal

  4. The Whiteboard tab will automatically open in your Teams app. If the app is not automatically pinned to your Teams sidebar, it may be under your apps.
    Whiteboard homepage in teams

Whiteboard Homepage Guide

Whiteboard is fully integrated and accessible from within your Teams account. Here's a visual guide to your Whiteboard homepage.
Guide to whiteboard homepage

Whiteboard Interface Guide

A navigation guide to the Whiteboard interface.
In-product navigation

Adding Whiteboard to a Teams call

How to add Whiteboard to an active Teams call.

  1. From within the Teams call, use the “Apps” button from the top navigation bar, and search “Whiteboard by Frameable”.
    Teams call app options

  2. When the welcome modal appears, hit “Save.
    Whiteboard welome modal

  3. The whiteboard sidebar will open automatically.
    From the sidebar, you can:
    -a. Search for an existing whiteboard
    -b. Start a new board in the call
    -c. Open an existing whiteboard in the call
    Whiteboard sidebar

  4. If you’re sharing an existing whiteboard, hit Present board. If you're starting a new board, hit New Board. This will display the whiteboard in the call for everyone to see and is fully interactive for each meeting participant.
    Whiteboard open in a Teams call

  5. Any user in the whiteboard can add their own ideas or comments, in real-time, from the Teams call.

  • Double-click anywhere to create a card. Hit R to create a region. Hit L to create a line.
  • For more Whiteboard tool help, click on the (?) icon in the top right corner for tips.
    Users collaborating in a teams call

Whiteboard Access and Sharing

Who has access to my map?

When you look at your Whiteboard homepage, you will see a variety of boards sorted into sections of boards that have been started by you or shared with you. You can share boards with collaborators, set boards to be viewable to anyone with the link, or keep a board private by adjusting its individual settings.

Inviting Collaborators
You can invite others to work collaboratively with you on your Whiteboard. Start by clicking the share button in the top right corner of your board, enter their name or email address in the ‘Invite Collaborator’ bar at the top of the modal, adjust their level of access, and press enter. An email with a link to the board will be sent to the collaborator and the map will appear on their Whiteboard homepage under their ‘Shared with me’ section.

Adjusting access settings
Default board access is set to ‘Anyone who has the link can view and edit.’ Adjustments to these access settings must be adjusted on a per board basis.

You can control the general access settings to your map by clicking share in the top right corner of your board and click ‘manage’ under ‘Shared with…’ This will bring you to a settings page that allows you to adjust permissions around how others can interact with your map.