Bracket Template

Rank your ideas, organize a team, or express the progression of your ideas and drive toward a solution quickly with an easy-to-use bracket system.

bracket template

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About this template

What is the Bracket template?

A bracket diagram can help your team accomplish anything from determining an MVP product plan, ranking tasks, or celebrating a winning idea or project plan.

Our easy to customize template means your team can get started planning quickly for whatever projects, plans, or goals are on your radar.

Creating your own Bracket diagram

Getting Started

Easily add the Bracket Template to your Frameable board. Ideal for creating tournament-style brackets, it helps you visualize competitions, decision processes, or rankings.

Initial Setup

Begin by entering your items, ideas, or teams into the initial seeding sections. The template supports up to 64 entries, making it versatile for various use cases.

Progression and Visualization

Track progression through each round, with clear visual lines showing winners advancing to the next stage. This ensures transparency and easy tracking of outcomes.

Collaborative Engagement

Invite your team to participate, vote, and discuss in real-time. Each match-up can be a point of collaboration, ensuring the best ideas move forward.

Final Showdown

The template culminates in the final match-up, showcasing the ultimate winner or decision. This can be used for team-building activities, project prioritization, or any competitive scenario.

Customization and Flexibility

Adapt the template to fit your specific needs with customizable elements. Whether for brainstorming sessions, sports tournaments, or project evaluations, this template offers flexibility and clarity.


  • Diagramming
  • Flowchart
  • Meetings

Decision making is easier than ever with Frameable Whiteboard's Bracket template.

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