Getting Started with Whiteboard

Note: This guide assumes that you’ve already successfully installed Whiteboard. If you have not installed Whiteboard, learn how to do so by reading our Whiteboard Installation Guide.

In this article we'll explore all the basic tools in Whiteboard.


This quick-start guide will review the basic layout, features, tools, and settings to get you up and running in Whiteboard.

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Accessing Whiteboard

There are three ways to access Whiteboard:

1. From Teams
We recommend pinning the Whiteboard tab to your Teams sidebar for easy access. If the app is not automatically pinned to your Teams sidebar, it may be under your apps. Right-click to pin.

Click on the Whiteboard tab on the Teams toolbar to access your Whiteboard homepage.

2. Within a Teams call
Access Whiteboard from within a Teams call to use as an in-meeting collaborative tool with colleagues. Click here To learn more about installing Whiteboard to a Teams call

3. From a web browser
Whiteboard can be accessed from a web browser. In your browser's address bar, enter: Once loaded, click the 'Log In' button in the upper right corner of the screen and enter your Microsoft Teams credentials to be taken to your Whiteboard homepage.

The Whiteboard Toolbox:

Whiteboard has a great number of tools and features that can be used to create useful and unique assets for your team. Understanding the core tools and actions you can take in Whiteboard is a good place to start when getting familiar with your new app.


Use regions to identify sections of the board. To create a region select the region tool in the left toolbar and click on the board. You can also right click on the board and select ‘create a region’ in the menu.
Create a region


A card is the basic unit. It can represent anything - a person, place, object, or any idea at all.

You can create a card in two different ways: double-click on the board or select the card tool from the toolbar and then click on the board.
Create a card

Nested Cards

When a card is selected, click Add a card, from the top tool menu to add a nested card. Or select a card and tap CMD+return on your keyboard.
After creating one nested card, tap return to continue adding nested cards.
Add a nested card


Choose the Move tool in the toolbar or hold down your space bar while clicking and dragging to move around the board. Zoom in or out with your mouse wheel or pinch to zoom on a touchscreen or trackpad.
Move around


Add plain text anywhere on the board by selecting the text tool in the toolbar and clicking on the whiteboard.
Add text


To add an image, GIF, file, or video to your card - drag and drop the file onto a card or open the card menu and select media.
If you’re using Whiteboard with Microsoft Teams, your files will be saved to your team's SharePoint library.
Add image to a card

The Pen Tool

Choose the pen tool in the toolbar to draw freely on the whiteboard. You can change the color, opacity, line style, and thickness via the toolbar at the top of the screen.
Draw with pen tool


To create a line, select the line tool in the left toolbar and click on the board to create one endpoint, click a second time to complete the line. You can also begin drawing a line from a card by clicking the line tool in the above toolbar when a card is selected. Edit the line by selecting it and click on an endpoint and dragging it to a new location.
Change the line from an arc to an elbow by using the “Line type“ tool in the toolbar that appears at the top of your board when the line is selected.
Create a line


If you are interested in learning more about Whiteboard, check out the rest of our articles on the Whiteboard resource page. There, you will find a full user guide, support, and technical documents to help you get the most out of your Whiteboard experience.

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