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Improve your product and processes with user story mapping. Your users give your product purpose; make it easier for your team to build products your customers will continue to use and love.

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About this template

What is the User Story template?

A user story is the smallest unit of work in the Agile framework. It functions as an explanation of a feature from the perspective of your end users. This is where you can fine-tune the value proposition you are trying to deliver back to your customers.

For Scrum and Kanban teams, user stories are a central part of managing accurate forecasting and understanding which tasks to tackle next.

Creating your own User Story map

Setting Up

Start by adding the User Story Map template to your Frameable board. Use our blank cards to detail user activities, tasks, and stories.

Identifying Personas and Tasks

Define your user personas and outline their tasks step-by-step. Group these tasks by user goals or activities for a clear, organized map.

Prioritizing for Sprints

Easily drag and drop cards to prioritize stories for upcoming sprints. Integrate seamlessly with project management tools for real-time updates.

Collaborative Development

Invite your team to contribute and collaborate in real-time or asynchronously, ensuring everyone stays aligned and focused on delivering value.


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  • Product Management
  • UX
  • Research

Enhance your product development process with Frameable Whiteboard's User Story Map template, ensuring a user-centric approach and efficient project management.

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