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Map your entire customer journey in this easy-to-use template. Build an understanding of how your customers experience your product and make it easier for your team to meet their needs with a clear, shared outline.

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About this template

What is a Customer Journey Map?

The customer journey map is a process of visually understanding and expressing the variety of ways customers can and do interact with your product or brand. The customer journey map includes all possible touchpoints between your company and your customers.

The purpose of a customer journey map is to create a shared understanding of how people interact with your company or product in order to surface pain points or areas of improvement.

Teams will often use a customer journey map to figure out where or why potential customers are not converting or where excess friction lies that is causing existing customers to drop off.

Creating your own Customer Journey map

Objective Setting

Define clear goals for your customer journey map to ensure a successful project. Identify why you're creating the map, who it targets, and the specific experience it's based on.

User Personas and Goals

Use our intuitive tools to create detailed user personas, outlining their goals, struggles, and tasks. Leverage customer feedback and sales team insights for a comprehensive understanding.

Highlighting Target Personas

Focus on one or two key personas to create a precise journey map, ensuring a detailed and accurate representation of their experiences.

Customer Touchpoints

Map out all potential touchpoints, from social media interactions to email marketing. Analyze and optimize these touchpoints to enhance customer experience.

Building and Testing

Develop your customer journey map by documenting every interaction. Test the journey yourself to identify gaps and areas for improvement.

Continuous Adjustment

Regularly review and update your journey map to address evolving customer needs and pain points, ensuring an exceptional customer experience.


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Visualize and refine every step of your customer’s journey, driving engagement and satisfaction.

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