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About this template

What is a Task Board?

Whether you use Agile, Kanban, or have your own take on task and project management, you and your team will need a single source of truth for every project. A task board is meant to adapt as you progress through your goals flexibly.

Use cards or stickies to create tasks. Assign tasks to your team by using the tag manager. Use lines to show related or dependent tasks. Nest cards inside one another to designate subtasks on larger items. Color-code cards to signify their status or call out blockers. And move tasks across the board as you complete items!

Creating your own task board

Not Started

This left-most grey region is intended for you to drop all of your to-dos, rearrange them, and get a sense of what should be tackled first.

In Progress

This middle yellow region is meant to house your tasks that are actively being worked on. Lean on other colors or tags to relay other information about the task such as who is involved, if blockers have surfaced, or if the task is in review.


You did it! Store completed tasks and their related items in this region so you don’t lose track of the progress you’ve made.


  • Agile
  • Tracking
  • Project management
  • Planning

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