SWOT Analysis Template

Explore the strengths and weakness of anything from a small project to your entire organization and align your team on priorities with the SWOT Analysis template.

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About this template

What is the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) template?

The SWOT approach is used to better understand your project, product, or idea so you and your team can make well-informed decisions.

Divided into four quadrants, this template allows teams to collaboratively map out internal and external factors affecting their strategic plans or goals. Use nesting cards or sticky notes to capture insights, brainstorm strategies, and make informed decisions. Ideal for strategic planning, competitive analysis, and business development, this template helps teams visualize and prioritize actions for growth and improvement.

While conducting a SWOT Analysis can be highly beneficial, it's crucial to prioritize actionable insights and use them as a starting point for deeper strategic development conversations.

Creating your own SWOT Analysis template in Whiteboard

Utilize the SWOT Analysis template during a team meeting, project pitch, brainstorming session, or strategy meeting. Set an objective or goal you'd like to reach by completing the analysis to help get the most out of the exercise.


Start by identifying your project or team’s internal strengths. Highlight what you excel at and your competitive advantages.


Next, examine your internal weaknesses. Identify areas that need improvement, where you are lacking resources or support.


Explore external opportunities that can benefit your team or project. Look for market trends or gaps that you can leverage to your advantage.


Finally, assess external threats that could impact your goals. Consider potential challenges and competitor actions that could have a significant impact on future goals.


  • Agile
  • Diagramming
  • Product management

Stay prepared with Frameable Whiteboard's SWOT Analysis template, and ensure your team makes strategic and well-informed decisions.

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