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Remotely Possible podcast host, Adam Riggs, is the Founder and CEO of Frameable, a software that enhances virtual collaboration for remote and hybrid work. Adam is an experienced executive and investor in e-commerce, finance and media industries. This 20-30 minute podcast series offers exclusive insights from leaders who are shaping the way we work. Want to share your story?

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Our audience and guest speakers are experienced business executives who are driving innovation in their industries and leading their companies through a massive growth phase. Let's have a great conversation—and share your story!

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Useful tech tips from our team

  • We'll be recording the video call through Frameable Spaces and share a short snippet across social media with our audience.
  • Please use a good microphone for the best sound quality. Internal laptop microphones usually produce poor sound quality. We recommend the Audio-Technica AT2005 and the Logitech Blue Yeti.