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How we found sanity in a subset of Tailwind CSS

Since its inception, the idea of utility CSS has been met with both praise by some and disdain by others. Tailwind took utility CSS to the extreme, and so has been especially controversial. Those who love it will say... > - "It is a relief not having to come up with unique cla… Read more →

A technique to store rich formatting separately from text

Some time ago we found ourselves having built a collaborative whiteboard product, where text was stored as plain text. But then we wanted to add a limited set of rich text formatting options -- bold, italics, and first- and second-level headings, and so plain text would not suf… Read more →

Frameable tech stack

Video and collaboration are core to all of our products. Here's our tech stack of choice... Vue We use Vue for our front end application framework. We keep it pretty simple and straightforward with an observable store and public methods to mutate. No vuex or elaborate cer… Read more →