Multiple screen share now in Microsoft Teams

Less presenting. More collaborating.

  • No need to ask if you can take over screen sharing

    You are always able to begin sharing your screen without worrying about removing someone else's.

    full view of a teams call using multishare
  • Seamlessly switch between multiple screens

    All available screen shares will appear at the bottom of your screen for you to select and switch between at your own pace.

    multishare focus on the bottom of a teams call where you can toggle between screens
  • Quickly bring your screen to the front

    Spotlight a specific screen share to bring it to the foreground of everyone's screen.

    focus on spotlighting feature in a multishare call

Share multiple screens in a call

Start collaborating more naturally with multiple simultaneous screenshares.

Easily toggle between screenshares without the hassle

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Increase meeting efficiency

Start getting things done faster and easier with multiple screen share collaboration.


Total flexibility

As many or as few users can share their screen at once, and each user can choose which screen to view.

decision making

Streamline decision making

Easily troubleshoot or present multiple scenarios with your colleagues and make decisions together in real-time.

How does MultiShare improve Teams?

Microsoft Teams Teams + Frameable Spaces

Screen share hassle

Teams only allows one screen to be shared at a time.

MultiShare in-call experience

Multiple people can share their screen at the same time.

Could I share for a sec?

Each person who has something to share has to decide whether to interject and take the screen share.

Everyone can share with no hesitation

Anyone can share their screen at any time, without interrupting any existing screen shares.

Time wasted on logistics

Participants must coordinate who is going to share at what time, while others wait.

Right to the content

Whoever has something to share just goes ahead and shares, and others can view right away.

Stop giving presentations. Start working together.

Skip the interruptions and easily toggle from multiple screens during video calls.

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