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  • Easily allow multiple call participants to share screens simultaneously
  • Fit for teams of any size
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What’s included

  • All call participants can share their screens at the same time
  • Toggle between screen shares for easy viewing of all content
  • External guests can still view and use MultiShare during calls they are included in
  • Highlight a specific screen for everyone to focus on
  • Seamlessly start and stop screensharing with one click


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  • Get more value out of your existing Teams environment
  • Best for teams of 25 and up

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What’s included

  • Access to features like multiple screenshare, persistent project rooms, actionable engagement metrics and a bird's-eye view of all office activity and availability in Teams
  • Install the full offering or mix and match our 5 Teams features—MultiShare, Rooms, Insights, Meetings, People
  • Easy sign in with your existing Teams environment
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Ability to scale with your organization's growth