Our Roadmap

Learn more about upcoming features and changes coming to the Frameable Core Platform. Updated 4 Jul 2024.

Coming soon

Microsoft Copilot integration

AI powered Q&A, Summarization, and planning assistant inside the Frameable Core Platform.
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AI-assisted scheduling and resource recommendations

Automatically surface meetings and projects you should be in based on your history.
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AI-powered executive daily summary

Every morning, receive a short summary about the activities, updates, and issues that happened in the previous 24 hours.
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Call engagement & situational awareness

In-call statuses and background sounds for new joins and other activity; affordances to help everyone feel more "present" and aware of each other's non-verbal activity, current status, and reactions in Microsoft Teams calls.

MultiShare iOS support

Share your screen from your iPad or iPhone.

MultiShare Share more than one screen from one device

Share multiple windows or screens from one device with everyone in the Microsoft Teams call. For example, easily switch from a PowerPoint window to a whiteboard window for brainstorming!

MultiShare Screen annotations

Draw and add notes on top of other people's screens.

Whiteboard Confluence integration

Embed boards into your Confluence pages.

Whiteboard In-call Presentation

Share and follow the presenter in a meeting.

Whiteboard Import / Export

Export to spreadsheets, and more.

Whiteboard Jira integration

Embed boards into your Jira tickets.

Whiteboard MS Office 365 Integration

Embed boards into documents and more.

Whiteboard Zapier integration

Send content from Whiteboard into other apps.

Whiteboard Realtime UI enhancements

Render every change as it's made by your colleagues. Show typing in progress, and show items in flight as they are being rearranged.

Overview AI-generated meeting summaries

Get a short summary of the topics discussed in a meeting.
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Overview Performance optimizations

Increasing message speed and more.

Overview 3rd party integrations

Bring Jira items into Overview and more.

Under consideration

Re-imagined Microsoft Teams call experience

See everyone in the call on one screen. No colleagues hidden on a separate page!

Enhanced office hours

Schedule recurring timeslots when you are available in an open video call.

Colleague schedule visibility

Ability to openly share what meeting you & your colleagues are in right now, or have scheduled today.

Overview Slack integration

Include Slack channels and chats in Overview. Unify communications over multiple platforms.

Salesforce integration

Import your Salesforce contacts and leads into a board for diagramming and planning.