Known Limitations with MultiShare

Share screen button disabled in 1:1 calls

Currently MultiShare is unavailable in direct 1:1 calls (initiated by clicking the camera icon in a 1:1 chat). This type of call is handled specially by Teams itself. We are currently investigating ways we can support this use case.

A workaround is to use a scheduled meeting with the two participants who need MultiShare.

MultiShare unavailable for installation into scheduled channel meetings

Currently MultiShare cannot be installed into Channel meetings. Channels are a bit special in Teams, you may have noticed that Apps are only available in scheduled channel meetings.

We are investigating enabling MultiShare in scheduled channel meetings and hope to support this use case soon.

Sometimes it takes a few seconds for a screenshare to load when I click a thumbail

In order to save bandwidth, only one screenshare is visible at a time in MultiShare. This means that the screen stream you click on when changing views needs to be subscribed to, then rendered. This can take a small few seconds sometimes, especially if the participants are far away from each other geographically.

We continuously deploy updates and improvements to the load times of MultiShare for all of our use cases.