Frameable's MultiShare Data Flow

Frameable uses Azure Communication Services (ACS) from the Microsoft 365 cloud to implement multiple screen shares. Standard browser and operating system permissions are used to capture the screen streams, which create ACS rooms to produce and consume the screen streams.
Thumbnails of these screen streams are posted back to Frameable's web service and shared via websockets and the markup delivered to the MultiShare application surface area inside your teams call.

Frameable uses standard Microsoft Teams authentication and knowledge of what is available via the MicrosoftTeams.js javascript library to identify who is sharing or viewing which screen shares.
In our standard Saas offering Frameable's ACS subscription is used to create the rooms that ship around the streams. Frameable provisions these rooms, and shares the publish/view keys via websocket messages to the participants in the call.

If you require isolation of the ACS subscription itself, our Private Cloud offering can tie MultiShare's ACS usage to your own ACS subscription.