Configuring your VPN/firewall to allow Frameable


Frameable is a web application that uses WebRTC to power real-time audio/video communications in corporate and social events. It can be used as an alternative to other applications like Zoom or Google Meet.

Allowing network traffic

In order to enable the Frameable application, please allow traffic on * domains. Frameable media servers listed below transport audio and video on ports 40000-49999, over both tcp and udp protocols.

If you prefer to whitelist CIDRs, these media servers are in the, and ranges.

Please also allow this traffic to be routed directly between end users' ISPs and the hosts above. Avoid sending this traffic through intermediary VPN networks or tunnels.

Sign in with Microsoft

If your organization uses Microsoft-based authentication (maybe via Active Directory) and you would like to use Sign in with Microsoft for logging in to Frameable, you may need to allow the Frameable application.

Email from Frameable

Please configure your mail servers to allow email from the domain, so that if users elect to sign in via email, the one-time-code emails will go to their inbox rather than to spam.

Validation testing

In order to test that traffic is flowing, as a first step you can visit our System check page and verify there are no errors. After that you can join an Audio/video testing call from two different computers, and verify that audio and video signals are in good shape for a duration of at least 10 minutes.