Spaces built for interaction and engagement


Four people on a video call in a table

Table conversations are the core of the Frameable Events experience. We believe the richest social interaction happens in small dynamic groups, where members may easily come and go as they please.

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Three people presenting on our stage layout above an audience

Give a presentation, host a panel, screen a video—and so much more. Our stage layout is simple yet flexible enough to accommodate your event.

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Stages with tables

One woman on stage presenting while a group of four people are seated in the audience at a table

The best of both worlds! Think gala or wedding reception. Hang at a table with your friends, stop by other tables, watch and discuss stage speakers and presentations.

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The best guest experience

Table topic icebreakers

A man and woman seated at at our virtual table under the topic "Favorite vacation spots"

Use our curated conversation starters or add your own to help guests network easier and learn more about each other!

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Emoji feedback

Four people seated at our virtual table with our emoji picker menu pulled up

Respond to the speaker with emojis. Applaud, laugh, raise your hand without interrupting.

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Background music

Three light blue music notes

Set the mood with curated playlists that play in the lobby and softly in the background.

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Word game

anagram word game showing the word "rang" as completed

Play a game of anagrams against your peers at your table to mix things up!

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Jigsaw puzzle

our jigsaw puzzle with a partially completed picture of the brooklyn bridge

Work together with your table guests to solve beautiful jigsaw puzzles!

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Photo booth

five people in a virtual photobooth above the a button to take a picture

Small groups of individuals at your event can come together to create a great souvenir snapshot everyone will cherish!

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User profiles

an introduction card showing a place to upload a picture, enter your name, work,

Guests add a little personal information that is visible on their video stream during the event—make memorable connections.

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Participant listing

an info card showing 6 users with their name and profile picture

Search for guests across the event to view their profile, chat with them, share your contact info, or join them at their table conversation!

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Contact sharing

four people at a virtual table with a card alerting a user that someone has shared their contact info with you and offers you the option to share yours as well

Share your profile details and contact info with people you want to connect with after the event is over!

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Connection summaries

a banner thanking you for joining and below that a group of pictures showing the pictures of people you met with

After the event ends, you can view a summary to see who you met with and where to you can connect with them afterwards.

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Multi-language translation

a card showing options to chose a different languages

Frameable Events fully supports events with multiple, simultaneous live audio translations for different languages.

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Sign language

a woman on stage giving a presentation while a man

Frameable Events presents American Sign Language (ASL) and other sign language interpreters in a video stream next to the speaker they are interpreting.

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Virtual backgrounds

a man with glasses in front of 4 different backgrounds

Protect your privacy and have some fun! Choose from 8 background images or blur your background as a privacy screen.

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One-on-one networking

two people at a table in a one on one conversation

Connect with other guests in one-on-one sessions.

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Networking nudges

a card showing a notification suggestion to move to a new table or the option to dismiss and stay at the same table

Automatically send private and subtle prompts to guests to visit another table so they can meet new people!

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Tiered chat

a chat bubble coming from the chat icon in the top right corner

Talk to anyone at the event! You can chose to chat with individual guests, your table, or the entire event.

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System check

a white card with a pulsing volume icon

Allow guests to test and troubleshoot their network, camera, and microphone setup to ensure that they can enjoy your event with no technical issues!

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Web-based experience

card showing our product with a URL bar

Join from a desktop, tablet, or mobile web browser, no download required!

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Live technical support

showing a card with support options

You can count on someone to need a little extra support, which is why we'll be there to talk them through, in person, on video.

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The best host experience

Multi-room events

an event with 6 rooms of various layouts

Use as many rooms and layouts as needed for your event.

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Video announcements

a man making a video based annoucement to the event

Address all your guests at once with video announcements. Gracefully interject small table conversations to inform guests about upcoming speakers or whatever you'd like.

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Pre-recorded videos

a frame showing a video playing to a room

Upload your video presentation content before the event and test it out so you know you're ready to press play when it's time to show your video.

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RTMP streams

card showing picker for various streams that could be played

Configure RTMP streams before the event to play live and produced content on stages in the best audio and video quality possible.

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Stage recordings

a recording dot is shown next to the stage room title

Automatically record all presentations and speakers on stage during your event and access the recordings at any time!

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a card showing a prompt

Subtly prompt guests to get them where they need to be or to join a specific room or table!

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Smart grouping

four people speaking with tags showing why they were seated together

Seat guests at tables based on commonalities. Based on guest information provided by the host or based on users’ custom profile fields, tables can be suggested to participants.

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Event agenda

four people seated at a table talking with a tab open on the right side saying agenda

Add some structure to your event with an agenda that outlines your run-of-show so attendees know what to expect and what's happening when!

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Live captioning

three people on a our stage with captions below them

Create an inclusive event and provide attendees full control over their closed captions.

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Single Sign-On (SSO) and login options

a card showing a few different option

Configure how you want your guests to join your event! Choose from Google, Microsoft, and LinkedIn, via email verification, or through your own Single Sign-On (SSO) or SAML integration.

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Large tables

a video call with up to 15 people

Increase the maximum number of seats per table from 7 to 15.

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Multiple hosts

blue user dashboard with large button to add hosts

Build your event with the help of your team. Invite a decision-maker to sign off on your event design.

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Host support

a card offering chat, email, schedule a demo

We’ll help you carefully design your event and hold as many practice runs as you want.

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Leave a lasting impression


a purple card with a bright blue logo

It's your event and it should look like it! Add your brand (or personal) logo to be displayed in all event areas.

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Custom colors & backgrounds

a drawing of our editing dashboard with background color options shown

You have a vision and we support it. Use one of our curated colors and backgrounds or pick your own.

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Event pages

an event card with a "join event" button and blue

Customize your event landing page to create a welcoming experience for your guests, with your logo, an event image, and a description of your event!

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Event metrics

a view of our metrics tab showing attendance and engagement metrics

So how did it go? Event metrics show you exactly that—who came and when, what tables were popular, and everything else.

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