Table conversations are the core of the Frameable Events experience. We believe the richest social interaction happens in small dynamic groups, where members may easily come and go as they please.
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a full rendering of our lounge layout from the view of being at a table with four people on a video call on the right tow thirds while the left third shows the other tables in the room and icons of who is sitting there

Frequently asked questions

What are tables?

Tables are group video calls of 2-7 guests, designed to replicate the natural formation of small group conversations in a live social environment. This format is similar to breakout rooms in video conferencing software like Zoom.

Frameable Events lounges are rooms full of tables. Guests enter the lounge and choose a table conversation to join. From the lounge view guests can see all the tables, the table topics and the guests at a table.

Tables are the core of our lounge layout and an essential part of the Frameable Events experience. Small group conversations encourage everyone to participate and facilitate memorable connections. Free movement from table to table encourages guests to talk to everyone.

Use a lounge layout to let your guests mingle, catch up and network.

Tables are included in all Frameable Events packages.

How many tables can I have?

Tables are limited by the number of guests expected at your event and the number of seats you have assigned a table. If you have a one room event expecting 100 guests and you want your tables to have 5 seats, you will have a limit of 20 tables.

What are table topics and icebreakers?

Each table has an optional topic, that is visible from the lounge and to guests at that table. Table topics can help get the conversation started at a table. They also show guests looking for a conversation to join what other guests are talking about.

When you add a table in your design studio or in your live event, it comes with a Frameable Events topic which you can edit. Frameable Events' built in topics are conversation starters, fun questions and prompts designed to help everyone open up and get the conversation flowing.

Learn more about tables topics and icebreakers

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