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Help your guests discover common ground and make long-lasting connections

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Fully customizable lounges and stages

Add your own colors, branding, and sponsors

Guests can move freely

Hosts can set table topics, and guests can engage where they are most interested

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User profiles

Customizable profile fields let guests share discoverable information about themselves that shows up right on their video feed

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Opt-in contact exchange

Your attendees can click a button to share their contact info directly with specific guests they've met

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What people are saying

Everyone had a great time! People loved the music, games, and moving between tables to talk to different small groups. Everyone was impressed, and many stayed until the very end.
Victoria Kikoen

Victoria Kikoen

Project Manager at

People really enjoyed moving around to different tables and catching up with different people. They loved that there weren't assigned breakout rooms and really appreciated that they could choose who they wanted to interact with.
Sarah Snell

Sarah Snell

Chief Operating Officer at HFA

  • Nestle
  • Columbia University
  • Equinix

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