Preparing for your event


1. Share our VPN/firewall guide with your IT team

Send our VPN/firewall guide to your IT team and have them follow the steps to configure your VPN/firewall to allow Social hour.

Verify this has worked by joining this Audio/video test call from two different computers behind the firewall and ensuring audio and video are flowing for 10 minutes continuously.

2. Check your system

Visit our System check page to test and troubleshoot your network, camera, and microphone setup.

If you run into troubles getting access to your camera and/or microphone, see our Troubleshooting guide and make sure to close any other applications like Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

3. Test with prospective attendees

Ahead of your event, test with a sample event and a small group of guests who will attend to make sure everyone can see an hear each other.

4. Share resources with attendees

Ahead of your event, send out the link to your event as well as links to our System check page, Best practices guide, Troubleshooting guide, and VPN/firewall guide.

5. During the event...

If attendees run into troubles, share our Troubleshooting guide with them to diagnose and fix any camera and/or microphone issues.