Create an inclusive event with Frameable Events. We'll work with you to choose the right accessibility options that make a great experience for all your attendees

Live Captioning

Provide full control over closed captions so attendees can:
  • Turn captions on, off, or pop them out into a larger caption window
  • Change text font, size and color for optimal visibility
  • Drag and move captions around the screen

Sign language

Frameable Events presents American Sign Language (ASL) and other sign language interpreters in a video stream next to the speaker they are interpreting.

Multi-language translation

Frameable Events fully supports events with multiple, simultaneous live audio translations for different languages. Attendees can choose the audio stream they prefer.

Event Display

Frameable Events lets attendees control display contrast and text size to make sure events are legible and easy to follow.

Jesús Iñiguez

Lead Content Creator, Non-profit Organization

[Frameable Events] provided exactly what we needed: the ability to stream—in full screen—all of the content we wanted to present, a platform that was open and friendly to design and branding (which is a giant plus for artists and creatives), and deliberate built-in options that made the event very accessible to the hard of hearing.

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