A streamlined dashboard for Microsoft Teams

Prioritize your work with an easy-to-action view of your colleagues and most-used resources from one central location.

overview for microsoft teams productivity dashboard in microsoft teams chrome
  • Everything in one place

    Chats, groups, files, and upcoming meetings are now visible in one clear, customizable view.

    Overview dashboard showing 4 custom columns in a dashboard view
  • Personalize your view

    Drag and reorder Overview columns so the information you need most is always front and center.

    image showing how you can re-order custom overview columns via drag and drop
  • An easy way to search

    Filter and locate your teammates to efficiently access relevant chats, files, and documents.

    image showing custom search available in overview

Top benefits of Overview

mouse icon

Increased efficiency, fewer clicks

With everything in one view, you can eliminate the constant toggling through Teams and focus on your priorities.

calendar icon

Streamline your calendar and chats

A side by side view of upcoming and ongoing meetings and chats keeps your workflows organized and let's you quickly identify what's happening.

clock icon

Prioritize what's important to you

By customizing your Overview to fit your workflows, you save time searching for what you need most.

Access essential information all in one place

View primary chats, files, meetings, and more all within a user-friendly dashboard.

overview dashboard highlighting productivity benefits of group chats and direct messages being separated