Overview User Guide

The Installation Process

Welcome to Overview. Following your Frameable Overview purchase, please complete the installation process with the following steps.

  1. From your Teams application, visit the Apps tab and search for “Overview by Frameable”
    Teams office store

  2. Select Add to open the set-up modal.
    Overview app display

  3. Next, simply add Overview to your account.
    Overview setup modal

  4. The Overview tab will automatically open in your Teams app. If the app is not automatically pinned to your Teams sidebar, it may be under your apps. Right-click to pin.
    Overview tab in Teams

Overview Navigation Guide

Here's a quick visual guide of the Overview interface.
Overview interface guide

Starting an Instant Meeting

In Overview there are a couple ways to start an instant meeting.

  1. Start by clicking on the Meet Now button to open the meeting modal.
    Meet now button

  2. In the Meet Now modal, you’ll see three options for meetings. The first option is Call Direct.

    • You must first enter the name of the user you would like to call. This option will ring the user's device just like a typical Teams direct call.
      meet now modal direct call
  3. The second option in the Meet Now modal is Instant Meeting.

    • You must first title your meeting, or the tasks you are working on. Next, you must modify who you’d like this meeting to be visible to. You can enter individual user's names, groups, teams, etc. Depending on your Team's setup, you may be presented with a preset list.
    • Anyone who you select will be able to see your meeting and join from the Meeting View display in Overview.
      Meet now modal instant meeting
  4. The third option is to start a Channel meeting.

    • You must first title your meeting and then select the channel for your meeting. Everyone who is a part of that channel will be able to see your meeting from the Meeting View display and join if needed.
      Meet now modal channel meeting
  5. Any live meetings that you are invited to will show up in the Meeting View display area in Overview. Just hover over and click Join to start collaborating with colleagues in an active Teams call.
    Meeting view display

Customizing Overview

To organize Overview to best suit your needs, you may customize your column view.

  1. Start by clicking on any column's 3-dot menu.
    Overview interface

  2. You can instantly hide any column or click Customize column to open the menu options.
    Column Menu

  3. In the customize column modal, you can check or uncheck columns you would like to be visible or hidden.
    Column modal

  4. Using the dot grips, click and drag the column titles to your desired state.
    Column modal with grips

  5. You can always restore defaults.
    restore defaults button

  6. Click done to save your changes.
    Done button