Camera & Microphone Troubleshooting

My camera isn't working

If your camera isn't working, try these steps:

  • Close any applications or tabs using your camera, like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

  • Allow camera and microphone permissions in your browser. Press the camera icon in your browser's URL bar and click Allow. Here's how to do that on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

  • Confirm the right camera is selected. If you have multiple cameras, you can use the Settings menu in Frameable to select your desired camera. Safari users may need to first change this preference in their macOS system settings.

  • Check for any physical coverings. Make sure you don't have a sticky note over your camera!

  • For the best experience, use the latest version of Google Chrome.

If you're still having trouble, try restarting your computer.

I hear an echo

If echo is happening, try going through these steps with all participants in the call:

  • Make sure you have Frameable Spaces open on only one tab, or try closing unnecessary tabs. Having two tabs of the platform open can cause a bad echo!

  • Use wired headphones for the best experience, so someone's microphone doesn't pick up audio from their speakers.

  • Ask participants to mute their microphones when they're not actively speaking.

  • Avoid using Bluetooth speakers, as these can be incompatible with echo-cancellation.

  • For the best experience, use the latest version of Google Chrome.

I can't hear others

Make sure your hardware volume is turned up! Also, confirm the right speakers or audio output device is selected in the Settings menu. Safari users may need to select the preferred audio output device in their macOS system settings. If you are using Bluetooth headphones, try disconnecting and reconnecting them.

VPN/Firewall issues

In certain cases, restrictive VPNs and firewalls will interfere with audio and video traffic. If you are setting up a WorkSpace with participants behind a corporate firewall, please see our VPN/firewall guide.

How to know if you're on a VPN/Firewall or if one in interfering:

  • You may experience longer than usual loading times

  • You may be able to see, but not hear a guest a or vice versa

The audio/video is choppy

If you're on a rough network connection, try enabling Bandwidth-saver mode in the Settings menu. Also, close any applications that may be using significant processing power or bandwidth resources. For the best experience, use the latest version of Google Chrome.