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Events Admin Guide: Music


Music is a great addition to your Event - whether it's subtle background music for a networking event or fun jams before an award show.

Choosing a playlist

Once you toggle the music feature on, the first playlist will automatically be selected and start playing.

music selection panel

To change the playlist and view songs, click on the playlist title or “View songs” button. The list will appear in the right side display area. You also change the playlist during a live event.

selected playlist

Music volume

Depending on your team’s wants or needs, you can elect to only have music play in certain rooms. All guests will be able to mute the music for themselves, if desired. If music is toggled on, it will play in the lobby by default, even if the music is muted in all other rooms. You can adjust the volume or mute options for each room under the 3-dot menu within each room of your event.

music mute button