Events Support


Attendee Resources

Getting Started

A guide to navigating your first event.

Navigation Guides

Find a visual guide to navigating the event.

Accessibility Guide

Learn how to enable accessibility features from your browser.

Attendee Troubleshooting

Camera, microphone, and connection help.

Contact Sharing

Get the most out of your next networking event.

Attendee Guide to Networking

Tips on how to network like a pro, in Frameable Events.

▶️ Attendee Orientation Video

Attendee orientation video to navigating your first event.

Host Resources

Host Preparation Guide

Checklist to help prepare for your event.

Assigning Host and Presenter Roles

Assigning users different roles during the live event and during setup.

Duplicating an Event

Learn how to duplicate any event.

Testing your Event

Learn how to prepare for your event by hosting a test event.

Get the most out of your Pro Event

Use these tips to host your Pro Event.

How to set up a Multi-Day Event

Learn how to set up a multi-day event.

▶️ Host's In-Event Capabilities Video

Learn the basics to hosting your own event.

Event Setup Guides

Name, Schedule, and Agenda

Edit the name and scheduling of your event. Created an agenda to display, and mark events as a test.

Colors and Branding

Customize your event with colors, backgrounds, and event logo.

Event Page and Greeting

Create a unique event page for your guests to land on before the event starts.


Change the layout and configuration of rooms, and access advanced editing features.


Add a variety of features to enhance the event experience.


Enable music and browse playlists to add to your event.

Guests and Hosts

Manage host and presenter permissions or create a guestlist.


Add your own interpreters and determine the language settings.


Configure your sign-in options, add privacy settings, and more from the settings page.

Recordings and Images

Access and download your stage recordings and photo booth images taken at your event.


View and download attendance records and see table participation across your event.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add a Presenter to my event?

Before the event, you can add someone as a Presenter from your Event Design Studio by clicking on "Guests and Hosts", adding their email, and choosing from the dropdown menu "Add as Presenter". During the live event, locate your Presenter from the participant listing, click on their profile, and from the 3-dot menu, select "Make Presenter".
For more information see our Guests and Hosts guide.

I'm a Presenter, how can I prep for my event?

As a presenter, you have the ability to access the event before it is scheduled to be live. While you will have access to the entire event, you can also enter any room, test your microphone and camera, and practice screen sharing your presentation materials. If you don't have the link to your event, contact your event host. For more help, check out our Presenter's Guide.

All Frequently Asked Questions

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