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Events Admin Guide: Settings


Within your Event Settings, you will be able to configure how your guests sign in to your event, adjust additional event settings, manage muting permissions, and add an exit experience for your guests.

providers

As an event designer, you have the ability to decide how your guests can sign-in. If you are using SSO integration you can learn more about that process here.

If you are interested in a SAML integration, please contact your dedicated support manager for assistance.

Event Settings

Within this section, you will find many settings that can adjust or enhance your event experience or better align your event to your security standards.

Muting Permissions

Allow users to mute or unmute other users. Opt for anyone to be able to or only hosts. This is useful when a guest has accidentally unmuted themselves and has unwanted background noise during an event.

Exit Experience

Utilize the exit experience section to link back out to your organization’s homepage, an external site, or anything else you may want your attendees to navigate to after your event.

Add a link and a title to be surfaced at the button.


If you have purchased the option to include inbound streaming, you can set up your end points and streams below.