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What Should You Wear To A Virtual Networking Event?

Networking events are bread and butter for those who wish to grow their social circle. Whether you join them for business or pleasure, this type of event will surely help you. Everyone knows that the clothes you wear to such events have a significant impact on the outcome of your networking.

What if we take away the face-to-face aspect of networking events? Will clothing still matter? The short answer is yes. Clothing helps you convey that you are serious about your cause and are worth people’s time. Virtual networking events are no exception to this rule.

How Can Clothes Affect Your Virtual Networking?

Virtual networking platforms are not an entirely new phenomenon. Even during the dawn of Skype and AOL, it was already connecting millions of people across the globe. At the same time, people have always questioned the importance of wearing the proper outfit for virtual events.

Many argue that comfort should be above all else when meeting people online. However, it would be best to disregard how you appear, even for virtual networking events. Your look can significantly help your chances of success. Here are some ways your clothing can affect the success of your virtual networking:

Clothes Can Boost Your Confidence

You may be familiar with the idea that wearing perfume can help you feel more confident when talking to people. But did you know that the same effect exists with wearing the correct outfit for the occasion? Having the right set of clothes can help you radiate confidence and help with the follow up after the event.

Wearing proper clothes has just as much benefit on your mental state as with your external appearance. So, the same effect can be felt even if you are only talking through the screen. Having the right outfit can help you speak more confidently and clearly during virtual networking events.

Helps You Set The Tone Of The Meeting

The clothes you wear show other participants how you would like to interact with them. Wearing formal wear will prompt people you are networking with to discuss seriously and efficiently.

By wearing casual clothing, such as your gym clothes, other people may start communicating with you in an informal and less serious tone. Although this has benefits, it may lead to miscommunication. Other participants may subconsciously think that you are not serious about your cause.

How To Choose The Best Outfit For A Virtual Networking Event

Finding the perfect clothes to wear during a virtual networking is not an easy task. There is no one-size-fits-all answer for the best outfit for a virtual networking event. Fortunately, there are some things you can look for to help you choose the best clothes to wear.

Here are some things to look at when choosing an outfit for an online networking event:

Central Theme Of The Networking Event

In some cases, you may be invited to networking events that have a theme. For example, the organizer may want to give you meeting a sunny vibe if they set it sometime in Summer. This fact should prompt you that wearing a formal winter wear would be a bad idea.

The Purpose Of The Meeting

People can quickly tell if you prepared or are aware of the purpose of your meeting through your clothes. So, before you sign in to that video call, make sure to research and understand the meaning of your meeting deeply.

Clothes For Formal Virtual Meetings

If your meeting aims to build linkages between businesses, these are the best clothes you can wear.

For men: Wear a suit and tie over your dress shirt. We recommend choosing a dress shirt with a lighter (not brighter) color such as white or sky blue. Make sure also to wear pants that match your clothes.

You may be wondering why wearing pants is still essential when participants can see only the top half of your body. Emergencies can happen during your meeting. So, you may never know if you may suddenly need to stand up to get something. The last thing that you would want to happen is for someone to see your underwear through their monitor.

For women: Try to select a business casual dress. An alternative might be a blouse that you could wear to a conference or a a dinner out with colleagues. Remember, your goal is to look professional and for your peers to focus on your message.

However, if you prefer to wear a dress shirt, choose one that fits your body nicely. Wearing a suit over is optional and not that important. Similarly, dresses with lighter colors are better. Make sure also to wear pants that match your top clothes.

It’s smart to avoid patterns that are complex or intricate such as pinstripes, checks, herringbone, and textured fabrics. Certain cameras and computer screens can cause these patterns to look distorted which might distract attendees.

Clothes For Casual Virtual Meetings

Suppose the purpose of the meeting is for a casual event. Wearing semi-casual clothes is good enough.

For men: You can wear a colored polo shirt of any color of your liking. Chinos are also great as they look nice but are comfortable for long periods of seating. If you wish to wear a plain t-shirt, make sure to wear one with minimal prints. We also recommend that you wear a nice-looking jacket above it.

For women: A nice long-sleeved shirt is a safe choice for casual events. You can easily pair it with a pair of pants or skirt, and they would still look nice. You can also accessorize by wearing a necklace and earing that match your clothes.

Rules Set By The Organizer

Although uncommon, some virtual networking events set dress codes. However, if they do exist, make sure to follow them to a tee. Not only would this save you from getting kicked out of your meeting, but it would also show your peers that you can understand and follow the rules. Other participants would also see that you respect their time and effort in attending the event.

Main Takeaway

Virtual networking events are gaining popularity. Before joining one, make sure to learn the proper clothes to wear for them. Choosing the right clothes can help you reach your goal. When selecting an attire to wear, keep in mind the meeting’s purpose and theme; don’t forget to consider your comfort when doing so.

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