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How To Create Stunning Baby Shower Invitations For Print or Email

If you’re hosting a baby shower for a friend or loved one, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the planning details. Who should we invite? What should the theme be? How can we connect everyone?

Thanks to the rise of virtual events, it’s easier than ever to host a flawless digital or hybrid event to celebrate the new addition(s) on the way!

Recommended timing:  You should host the shower four to six weeks before the baby’s due date, and you should send invitations one to two months ahead of the event. 

To help make this process a breeze, we’ve created this guide to creating stunning invites for your baby shower, including what to put on a baby shower invitation, the pros and cons of digital baby shower invitations versus paper, and the top tools to create your invitations. Let’s get started!

What To Include In Your Baby Shower Invitation

Your baby shower invitation should provide guests with all the details they need to prepare for and join the baby shower. Your invitations are a crucial part of the planning process, and it’s important to include the right details to help save time later on.

At a minimum, your baby shower invitations wording should include:

  • The mom- or parent-to-be’s full name
  • The day, time, and anticipated duration of the party
  • Location of the gathering, which is a URL if you are hosting a virtual baby shower
  • RSVP details and reply-by date
  • Contact details for more information or to share any dietary restrictions, if the shower has an in-person or mailed food component
  • Gift registry details. Note, however, that some baby shower planners recommend including the registry details on an enclosed card instead of on the actual invite

There are some optional details you may want to include, as well:

  • The baby’s gender 
  • The shower theme 
  • Ways guests can prepare (dress code, requests for gifts, activity prep, etc.)
  • Directions to the party location or for logging into the virtual platform
  • Anticipated food and beverage options for the in-person gathering if applicable

Pros and Cons of Digital Baby Shower Invitations vs. Paper Invitations

A common question for baby shower planners is whether they should use digital or paper invitations. In short, this will partially depend on how much time you have before the shower (is the event next week?) and your budget. 

Baby shower traditionalists and guests who are not digital natives may prefer paper invitations, but there are considerations for both invitation types.

Digital InvitationsPaper Invitations
ProsThese arrive almost immediately, which is beneficial if you’re on a time crunch

Digital invitations are, generally, much more affordable than physical invitations

Advanced solutions can include animated visuals and videos for a truly unique experience

You may be able to track who has opened your invite, so you know who to follow up with
Physical invitations serve as a keepsake for the family and guests

You can customize the paper and ink type to create stunning invitations

You will already have all of your guests’ addresses for post-shower thank-you cards (if you plan to send them)
ConsSome of your attendees may not be tech-savvy and may not see the invitation

Baby shower traditionalists may dislike a digital invitation
These invites can get lost in the mail or delayed due to unforeseen circumstances

Physical cards can get expensive

There is an environmental impact of physical cards

Be sure to follow up with your invitees to ensure they received the invitation, regardless of which invitations you send. 

Online Sites and Services To Help Create a Unique Baby Shower Invitation

Whether you plan to send digital or physical invitations, there are plenty of tools and resources to create beautiful baby shower invitations effortlessly.

Here are some of the most often recommended tools to use, and keep in mind that some of the options will provide solutions for both physical and digital baby shower invitations. We’ve separated them based on the best-fitting category, though, and the links will take you right to the relevant baby shower invitation options. 

If you plan to send digital invitations, consider these sites to fast-track your creation:

If you prefer a traditional, mailed invitation, consider these providers. 

Find a Virtual Baby Shower Platform That Everyone Will Love

Even if you plan to host a primarily in-person baby shower, some of your guests may want to join in on the festivities digitally. Or, you may find that an all-virtual baby shower will best meet your needs.

It’s essential to find a solution that removes stress from your baby shower planning. Many virtual event solutions are clunky, unintuitive, and difficult for guests to join. We’ve built Frameable Events with all the features you need to fully customize your event, all in just a few clicks:

  • Easily set up tables for activities or small group discussions with thought-starter questions. 
  • Personalize your event with a custom theme and greeting, plus background music in our more advanced package. 
  • Guests can chat together or in small groups via video, audio, or in-platform chat boxes. 
  • And everyone can join easily via a variety of sign-in options, which is important for hosting less tech-savvy guests.

See for yourself and let us help you design an event that everyone will remember.

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