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Assigning Host and Presenter Roles

Upgrading a guest’s permissions to either a Presenter or a Host is easy. This can be done very quickly during a live event or in advance while designing your event.

The difference between Host and Presenter roles during a live event is that Hosts have more control over the event activities and Presenters have special privileges over guests. Hosts can make announcements, control the music, join full tables, and manage live rooms. Presenters can enter the event early, get on stage, and enter locked rooms.

For more information on event roles, see this Host vs. Presenter Guide.

Upgrading roles during a live event

  1. Open the participant listing from the top tool menu.
  2. Find the participant from the listing, and click on their name. This will open up the guest’s profile.
  3. At the top, open the 3-dot menu, and click make presenter or make host.
  4. Now, you will see that user with an upgrade flag next to their name.

Adding hosts and presenters before your event

  1. From your event design studio, navigate to the Guests and Host tab.
  2. Use the guest list form field and enter the user’s email address.
  3. Be sure to use the “Add as host” drop-down menu to differentiate between adding hosts, presenters, or guests.
  4. You can add multiple emails at once by separating the emails by pressing “enter” on your keyboard after each confirmed entry.
  5. Click the “Add” button when done.
  6. Once you add a user to the list, you will still need to send the event link to your guests in your desired format.

For more information on adding Hosts and Presenters, view our Event Setup Guide on Guests and Hosts.