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Getting the most out of your Pro Event


In this article, we’ll discuss tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Pro Event with Frameable Events.

If you need help designing your event, check out our Event Setup Guides.

Previewing your event configuration

As you are designing your event, you can preview it at any time by copying your event link and opening it in a new window.

All Hosts and Presenters of your event will be able to join and preview the event before its scheduled start time.

event link location
preview button

For an extensive guide to event testing, view our Event Testing guide.

Transitioning rooms during a live event

During your live event, if you are using a 2-room layout that requires your attendees to manually change rooms, you can use the “Close room” feature to help guide your attendees to the next room.

  1. Once you are ready to move on to the next room, the host of the event will open the 3-dot tool menu.
  2. And select “Close Room”
  3. This gives all of your attendees a countdown until the room closes.
    3-dot close room button

  4. Once the countdown ends and the room closes. Your guest will be placed into the event lobby.

  5. Then they will only see the next available room.
    lobby view in an event

Another way you could do this same action is by:

  1. Opening the Room Switcher, by clicking on the title of the room.
  2. Opening the 3-dot menu of the room you would like to close.
  3. And select “Close room.”
    roomswitcher to close

If you are using a 1-room layout in your event and want to change the layout without having your guests enter an entirely new room, you can use the “Change Room Layout” feature.

  1. The host will open up the 3-dot tool menu.
  2. Select “Change room layout”
  3. Select the new layout to transition to.
    3dot change layout
  4. The Host will confirm the layout change.
    confirm change layout
  5. This will give your attendees a notification and automatically place them into the new room layout.
    change notiication

Using the Photo booth

The photo booth counts as a room and counts towards your 2-room maximum limit in a Pro Event. Here are a couple ways to use a photo booth during your Pro event.

Option 1: One 1-room layout and one Photo booth room.

  1. Configure 1 room layout, like 1 lounge or 1 stage.
  2. Add your Photo booth under the features tab.
    room and photobooth

Option 2: Using a two-room layout and enabling the Photo booth during the event.

  1. During the live event, find a time when one of your two rooms are not being used.
  2. Open the Event editing panel.
    empty room
  3. Open the 3-dot menu of the empty room.
  4. Choose "Delete room."
    delete room
  5. Under the Features tab, enable the Photo booth.
    enable photobooth
  6. All event edits will update to your live event in real-time.