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10 Fun Games to Liven Up Your Virtual Baby Shower

Planning a virtual baby shower for your bestie or coworker, but unsure how to adapt the most loved in-person baby shower activities for online? Don’t worry—there are plenty of simple online baby shower games that your guests—and the mom-to-be—will love.

Throw a virtual baby shower to remember by incorporating a few of these popular games into the event.

10 Virtual Baby Shower Activity Ideas

Baby showers generally last between two and three hours, but this depends on how many guests there are and the planned activities. 

This may feel like a lot of time, but between general gathering and catch-up, reserved 1:1 time for guests to chat with the parents-to-be, opening gifts, and the range of other baby shower essentials, you may only need enough activities to fill a few 15-minute gaps in your agenda or to serve as a fun break from the main activities. 

Luckily, virtual baby showers add much-needed structure to the experience, with designated rooms and prompts to facilitate activities throughout the event. The best online baby shower platforms can support a range of environments, including whole-group gatherings for opening gifts and smaller rooms for intimate conversations or small-group games. 

Consider adapting a few of these popular in-person baby shower activities as games to play at your online baby shower: 

  • Baby Face Game
    Ask guests to share a photo from when they were a baby before the baby shower. Use these photos to create a slideshow presentation that you can share on-screen. Guests then guess whose pictures are whose.
  • Baby Name Game
    Guests go one at a time to name a baby name in 30 seconds, starting with the letter A. Once a letter is used, the next guest will guess a name with the next letter. If a guest cannot come up with a name in 30 seconds, they are eliminated and the next guest picks up with the previous, unanswered letter.
  • Emoji Guess The Word/Phrase/Title
    This popular baby shower activity has guests guess baby-related words and phrases, including titles of books and movies or elements of pop culture, based on a series of emojis. You can easily adapt this for virtual activities by creating your clues in any document that can be shared on screen. Consider creating your emoji clues in a note on your phone, which you then screenshot and email to yourself.
  • Five-Seconds/Speed Answer
    Guests have five seconds (or some limited amount of time) to answer a series of baby-themed questions like “When is common for a baby to start saying words?”
  • The Guessing Game
    Ask the parents-to-be to answer a series of baby-related questions ahead of the shower. Guests must guess which parent said what, based on anonymized answers. 
  • Jibber Jabber
    Write common words or phrases in baby talk and ask guests to guess the actual phrase. 
  • Virtual Baby Shower Bingo
    Bingo is a popular activity for in-person baby showers, and the game can easily fit with an online baby shower. Provide guests with a printable bingo card ahead of the shower, or send them a presentation slide they can add shapes to. The cards can either contain the name baby registry items to be checked off when the parents-to-be open their gifts, or the cards can include common baby-themed words and phrases that guests check off as they hear them throughout the event.
  • Virtual Baby Shower Name That Tune
    Create a playlist with baby-themed songs, including nursery rhymes, lullabies, popular songs with “baby” in the title, etc. Guests then guess the names based on a short snippet from the songs.
  • Virtual Baby Shower Scavenger Hunt
    Draft a list of baby items that guests must find in their home, one at a time. The fastest guests advance to the next round. Encourage creativity by asking for items like “a makeshift diaper” or “a suitable baby play toy.”
  • Wishes For Baby
    This traditional baby shower activity has guests write a shared set of special wishes and hopes for the new baby, such as hoping they get their mother’s laugh and learn how to make their grandfather’s apple pie. Adapt this activity with an online survey or form tool like Google Forms or SurveyMonkey. Alternately, you can mail print copies of a Baby Wishes sheet if you mail physical baby shower invites.

Remove The Stress from Planning an Online Baby Shower

These are just a few baby shower game ideas, but remember that the sky truly is the limit with digital experiences. What other games have you seen work at virtual baby showers? Let us know on social @frameableinc.

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Using Microsoft Teams? See how Frameable can help your team work better together from anywhere.
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