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How To Create Stunning Baby Shower Invitations For Print or Email

If you’re hosting a baby shower for a friend or loved one, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the planning details. Who should we invite? What should the theme be? How can we connect everyone?

Thanks to the rise of virtual events, it’s easier than ever to host a flawless digital or hybrid event to celebrate the new addition(s) on the way!

Recommended timing:  You should host the shower four to six weeks before the baby’s due date, and you should send invitations one to two months ahead of the event. 

To help make this process a breeze, we’ve created this guide to creating stunning invites for your baby shower, including what to put on a baby shower invitation, the pros and cons of digital baby shower invitations versus paper, and the top tools to create your invitations. Let’s get started!

What To Include In Your Baby Shower Invitation

Your baby shower invitation should provide guests with all the details they need to prepare for and join the baby shower. Your invitations are a crucial part of the planning process, and it’s important to include the right details to help save time later on.

At a minimum, your baby shower invitations wording should include:

  • The mom- or parent-to-be’s full name
  • The day, time, and anticipated duration of the party
  • Location of the gathering, which is a URL if you are hosting a virtual baby shower
  • RSVP details and reply-by date
  • Contact details for more information or to share any dietary restrictions, if the shower has an in-person or mailed food component
  • Gift registry details. Note, however, that some baby shower planners recommend including the registry details on an enclosed card instead of on the actual invite

There are some optional details you may want to include, as well:

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3 Ideas That Will Help You Throw An Amazing Online Baby Shower

Are you unsure whether to host a virtual, in-person, or hybrid baby shower? 

Although some parts of the world are resuming in-person activities, many areas are still unable to meet in close quarters safely. And even if most of your close friends or family are vaccinated, some of your prospective guests may be uncomfortable meeting in person with large groups.

This may come as an initial disappointment for people used to a traditional baby shower, but you can still host a truly exceptional online baby shower, whether it’s all digital or a mix of in-person and virtual.

Here are some ways you can delight friends and family alike as you celebrate the mom-, dad-, or parents-to-be. 

Pick a Fun Virtual Baby Shower Theme

A theme is an easy way to add structure to your online baby shower and serves as a starting point for how you design the experience. 

Your theme can come through in various ways, including guest outfits, the design of your virtual baby shower platform and virtual backgrounds, activities that you play, the style of your baby shower invitations, any treats or goodies that you mail to guests, and more! 

If you plan an all-virtual baby shower, decorate the room that will be featured on camera, and consider sending guests a fun hat or other wearable attire that’s on-theme to create a festive atmosphere. If your virtual event platform allows it, play music that matches your theme during the event. 

If you plan a hybrid baby shower, decorate the in-person gathering location just as you would for a traditional baby shower. Give guests party favors that go along with the theme and that can double as fun photo or video props. Don’t forget fun food and drinks, too!

Some popular baby shower theme ideas include:

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10 Fun Games to Liven Up Your Virtual Baby Shower

Planning a virtual baby shower for your bestie or coworker, but unsure how to adapt the most loved in-person baby shower activities for online? Don’t worry—there are plenty of simple online baby shower games that your guests—and the mom-to-be—will love.

Throw a virtual baby shower to remember by incorporating a few of these popular games into the event.

10 Virtual Baby Shower Activity Ideas

Baby showers generally last between two and three hours, but this depends on how many guests there are and the planned activities. 

This may feel like a lot of time, but between general gathering and catch-up, reserved 1:1 time for guests to chat with the parents-to-be, opening gifts, and the range of other baby shower essentials, you may only need enough activities to fill a few 15-minute gaps in your agenda or to serve as a fun break from the main activities. 

Luckily, virtual baby showers add much-needed structure to the experience, with designated rooms and prompts to facilitate activities throughout the event. The best online baby shower platforms can support a range of environments, including whole-group gatherings for opening gifts and smaller rooms for intimate conversations or small-group games. 

Consider adapting a few of these popular in-person baby shower activities as games to play at your online baby shower: 

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