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3 Ideas That Will Help You Throw An Amazing Online Baby Shower

Are you unsure whether to host a virtual, in-person, or hybrid baby shower? 

Although some parts of the world are resuming in-person activities, many areas are still unable to meet in close quarters safely. And even if most of your close friends or family are vaccinated, some of your prospective guests may be uncomfortable meeting in person with large groups.

This may come as an initial disappointment for people used to a traditional baby shower, but you can still host a truly exceptional online baby shower, whether it’s all digital or a mix of in-person and virtual.

Here are some ways you can delight friends and family alike as you celebrate the mom-, dad-, or parents-to-be. 

Pick a Fun Virtual Baby Shower Theme

A theme is an easy way to add structure to your online baby shower and serves as a starting point for how you design the experience. 

Your theme can come through in various ways, including guest outfits, the design of your virtual baby shower platform and virtual backgrounds, activities that you play, the style of your baby shower invitations, any treats or goodies that you mail to guests, and more! 

If you plan an all-virtual baby shower, decorate the room that will be featured on camera, and consider sending guests a fun hat or other wearable attire that’s on-theme to create a festive atmosphere. If your virtual event platform allows it, play music that matches your theme during the event. 

If you plan a hybrid baby shower, decorate the in-person gathering location just as you would for a traditional baby shower. Give guests party favors that go along with the theme and that can double as fun photo or video props. Don’t forget fun food and drinks, too!

Some popular baby shower theme ideas include:

  • Baby Animals: Feature regionally-themed animals and decor, or stick with one animal to feature throughout your event. Guests can dress in specific colors to match the animals. Let this Pinterest collection inspire your planning
  • Floral/Baby In Bloom: Celebrate the expectant parents with bright and beautiful flowers or leaves. Encourage guests to dress in pastel colors or white. Not sure where to start? Check out this Pinterest collection
  • Little Cutie: Several sites offer orange-themed “Little Cutie” invites and decor. Infuse orange elements (mimosas, orange juice, Orange Crush soda for anyone other than the mom-to-be?) throughout your event and encourage guests to dress in orange. We have another Pinterest collection to kickstart your planning.  

The team at Happiest Baby has 20 other simple baby shower theme ideas that will certainly elevate your baby shower.

There really is no limit to what you can do with your theme, and we encourage you to explore any fun ideas that could make the gathering extra special, despite the physical distance. 

Plan a Few Online Baby Shower Games and Activities

In addition to the usual group conversation and catching up, reserved 1:1 time with the parents-to-be, and opening gifts, you’ll want a few games and activities for your guests to enjoy. 

We share 10 virtual baby shower activity ideas here, but there are two specific opportunities to really elevate the experience for the expectant parents:

Wishes for Baby

Ask guests to write a shared set of special wishes for the new baby, such as hoping they get their mother’s wit or grow to be a happy, successful adult. Guests will mail these wishes ahead of the event so that the parents-to-be can read them during the shower, and eventually share these hopes with their baby. Alternately, guests can read their wishes on camera during the shower and mail their wishes after the event. 

Custom Baby Shower Photo Book Scrapbook

Ask guests to create a digital scrapbook page, including photos of them with the parents-to-be, their hopes for the baby, or any special notes. This CNET article shares some of the best photo book options, including Shutterfly, Mixbook, and Snapfish

Have a Plan for Opening Gifts At A Virtual Baby Shower

A key part of many in-person baby showers is when the expectant parent(s) open gifts from guests. Even if your event has an online component, you can easily keep this on your agenda!

Let guests know that gifts received in advance will be opened on-camera , or that they are welcome to unveil a gifts on camera for everyone to see. This is a chance for each person to take the stage and personally share their gifts. 

Your baby shower will likely have a mix of both options, which will be an opportunity for the expectant parents to relax as others display their gifts.

How To Host A Virtual Baby Shower With Ease

A baby shower will usually last between two and three hours, but this time will go fast if you add some of our recommendations to your agenda.

To help with your planning, check out this guide on whether to use virtual or physical baby shower invitations, with recommendations on tools to use. 

Often, the hardest part of planning a virtual baby shower is finding a platform that meets your tech and budget needs, and that doesn’t look and feel like yet another Zoom work meeting. 

We’ve built Frameable Events to make the process as simple as possible, with customizable breakout rooms, backgrounds, and other features that are perfect for your online baby shower. Learn more here.

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