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General Installation Process

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In this article, we will walk you through the general steps to install any of the Frameable apps to Teams.

Setting up for installation success

Microsoft Teams is a virtual workspace software that is set up and managed by an organization’s appointed ‘Teams administrator.’ It is not uncommon for these administrators to set up their virtual workspaces, or ‘tenants,’ with restrictions in place to stop employees from installing new apps without approval. We call these locked tenants.

If you belong to an organization that has a locked tenant, you will need your Teams administrator’s assistance to install your Frameable app.

How to tell if you're in a locked tenant

There is a simple test to see if your tenant is locked. Start by visiting the Teams office store by clicking the apps icon in the left side bar of your Teams instance.

Type in the name of your chosen Frameable app in the search bar in the upper left corner of the office store.

When you see your Frameable app appear in the search results, a locked tenant will display a lock icon over the app's logo image in the upper left corner of the listing. You will also see a the button on the upper right corner of the listing says 'Request.'

If your app listings look like this, you are in a locked tenant and will need to talk with your Teams administrator before trying to install. Click here if you are in a locked tenant.

If your tenant is not locked, you can continue on to installation.


  1. Head to your Teams app or browser tab with your Teams account open.

  2. Click on "Apps" from the left side menu bar.

  3. Search for the Frameable app you are ready to install.
    Teams app UI

  4. From the app listing click "Add"
    Add button
    ⚠️ Please note that: If the app you are trying to install has a “Request” button, please reach out to your IT Administrator. In this article, we walk you through how to unlock and allow access to the Frameable apps.
    Request button

  5. Once you click “Add” this will open up the app-specific install modal. Follow the steps until they are complete.
    For app-specific details, follow these links. Multishare, Overview, Whiteboard.
    All apps

  6. Once the installation process is complete, you can start using your new app in your Team environment.

Right-click to pin your newly installed apps!
left side bar

Additional Resources

My tenant is locked
If your Teams tenant is locked, you will need the assistance of your Teams administrator in order to install your Frameable app. Administrators can use the instructions in this article to allow installation of Frameable apps to your tenant.

Once your tenant is unlocked, you are all set to install your apps! Click here to resume your installation journey.

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